The Painted Turtle
Conceptualized after years of imaginary story telling every night at bedtime. Picking an animal together, the author would tuck her children into bed and create a story where the animals lived and what their world was like all through a child's eye. The end result is her beautifully crafted book with illustrations by Daron Rosenberg.

Janet Crown currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Steve Robinson and her children Henry, Jack, Sloan, and step daughters, Alexa and Tara. Born and raised in Wilmette, Illinois, Janet is the seventh child of Renee and Lester Crown and the aunt to 25 nieces and nephews. She is a graduate of Denison University and Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Janet is involved in several leading non-profit organizations including The Painted Turtle, where she is a founding member. Where Do The Animals Go When It Rains is her first title in a series of children’s books. All proceeds from this book will be donated to The Painted Turtle

The Painted Turtle is where children with chronic and life threatening medical conditions celebrate just being kids! Through innovative, camp-based programs that offer a great big dose of fun and support, children with more than 30 medical conditions visit The Painted Turtle each year. A member of Paul Newman’s formerly Hole in the Wall Camps, The Painted Turtle has offered thousands of children and their families hope and encouragement through its Summer and Family Weekend camps since it opened its gates in 2004. There is no billing department at The Painted Turtle – campers and their families attend free of charge.

Daron Rosenberg currently lives in northern New Jersey with his wonderful wife Stacy and two beautiful daughters, Phoebe and Sloane. Phoebe is at the age now when cuddling up before bedtime with her parents and a good children’s book is great family time and the only way to go to sleep. Sloane will soon follow her big sister’s lead.

After 12 years of designing for magazines, in 2001 Daron started his own design & marketing business, Daron Rosenberg Creative LLC. He graduated from the University of Michigan Art School with a BFA and took advanced studies at the School of Visual Arts, The Art Students League of NY and the New York Studio School.

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All proceeds from the sale of “Where do the Animals Go When it Rains?” go to benefit The Painted Turtle.

The Painted Turtle is a year-round camping facility and program that gives children with medical conditions the chance just to be kids and have fun in a safe camp environment. Without The Painted Turtle, many of these children would never know the simple yet profound experience of camp, an experience that often has a life-long impact.

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