"This is a book that is sure to become a favorite
in many homes as it already has in mine."
Makobi Scribe (makobiscribe.com)
“This children’s book is filled with an
obvious love and written with the care
of a mother that collected bedtime stories
over the years and made in collaboration
with her children.”
Unexpected Parcel and Paranoid Gamer
"This book is the perfect read for a
rainy day."
Marianne Benavidez
"… When I read this to my young son,
he absolutely loved it. He loved to
ask questions about the animals in
the stories, about where they lived
and loads more."
Patrick Challis
"I highly recommend this book and
will use it [in] my classroom during
the topic of animal habitats that
I will teach later this month."
Michelle Dragalin (michellewrite.com)
"Perfect for the
young ones."
Gita Parekkatil
"I would recommend this especially for
preschoolers, as it's short enough to hold their
attention. Rhyme always seems to hold certain
charm for that age and the cartoon pictures will
be attractive to them …"
Mardel Sissle